DESCALEX POWDER is a dry acid cleaner used for removing scale and rust deposits over aluminum, copper, zinc, galvanized metals, steel boilers, cooling systems, ejection machines, condense lines and climate systems.


  • Penetrates thoroughly and removes quickly scale deposits from all kinds of surfaces including metals such as aluminum, zinc, galvanize.
  • Effectively cleans the contaminated surfaces with the inhibitors in its formula.
  • Has no effect on rubber and plastic surfaces.
  • Contains color acid indicator to show the strength of the solution.
  • Low cost and easy to use and apply.


If the system to be cleaned is contaminated by oil, grease and carbonic oil, you must make a pre-cleaning with ER-APC in order to remove them. Then, DESCALEX POWDER is used for cleaning scale deposits from the surface.

DESCALEX POWDER is used by diluting with water. Dilution rates vary for each application method. Circulation and soaking methods are appropriate to apply DESCALEX POWDER.

For circulation method, 5-10 kg of DESCALEX POWDER is used by diluting in 100 liters of water. System is cleaned by circulation of concentrated solution for 24 hours. 24 hours circulation is advised to accomplish cleaning.

For soaking method, 1-1,5 kg of DESCALEX POWDER is diluted in 9 liters of water. The parts to be cleaned are immersed in a bath filled with diluted solution. For better results continuous flow of the solution in the immersion bath should be provided.

After each cleaning procedure the system or media should be rinsed with fresh water. To ensure full neutralization a second circulation or immersion is advised with a solution prepared with ERAY which is another Ertek product. (Otherwise, rust contamination will form again in a short time at the system or over the media).

NOTE: While cleaning galvanized, aluminum, zinc metals, the cleaning time must be limited with 1-2 hours under control.