It is a unique product that ERTEK CHEMICALS IND. CO. INC. developed in its laboratories. ER-ACID ORG is one of the strongest acids in the market like “Descaling Liquid” it easily removes lime, scale, hardened mud, even cement from surfaces, on the other hand it is very safe to use, unlike Descaling Liquid no vapor is released to environment which makes ER-ACID ORG safe to use in doors. As long as used under control it is aluminum and copper shiner. Also if it is not used more than 1 hour during cleaning it is safe to use over precision metals like zinc and galvanize.


  • It’s harmless for metals, odorless, does not threat environment and human health.
  • It’s as strong as Decaling Liquid.
  • It can be applied on every metal where scab, scale and lime exist.
  • It shines all metal surfaces


The quantity to be used changes depending on the contamination rate but dilution 1/10 to 1/5 with water will be appropriate for general usage. It is safe to use with Boilers, Heat exchangers, cooling systems, air conditioner systems, propellers screwed with microorganism residues. 8 – 10 hours circulation or immersion will be appropriate for cleaning. Cleaned media must be washed thoroughly with fresh water or it must be neutralized with the 1% solution of our company’s product ERAY by allowing to stand for 1-2 hours or by circulating. During neutralization process, the media must be checked with litmus paper to see whether it’s neutral or not. Desired neutralization is provided around pH 6-7.

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