DESCALING LIQUID  is a very effective acid solution, powered by amin-based inhibitors to clean the scale and corrosion deposits left by the water in the heat changing systems like vapor-hot water boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators and induction ovens. It can’t be used on galvanized, aluminum, zinc and yellow metal surfaces.


  • Efficiently removes hardness scale and rust on all ferrous metal surfaces except zinc, aluminum, galvanized materials and stainless steel.
  • Forms protective film on the ferrous metal surfaces due it is supported by amin-based inhibitors.
  • Improves heat transfer efficiency.
  • Can be used directly on the contaminated surfaces without heating operation.


Before the cleaning application, the scale quantity must be determined in order to calculate the needed amount of DESCALING LIQUID for the cleaning. To calculate the amount of Descaling liquid, keep in mind that 3 kg Descaling Liquid cleans 1 kg scale. It must be applied diluted with water at a proportion of 1/3 or 1/4. However, if the system to be cleaned is contaminated by oil, grease or carbonized deposits, a pre-wash with ER-APC is advised in order to eliminate them.

Then, DESCALING LIQUID can be applied with circulation and soaking methods for removing of scale and rust accumulation from the ferrous metal surfaces.

Circulation method is generally used for cleaning rust and scale deposits from large components and systems such as boilers, evaporators, air coolers, heat exchangers and etc. Circulation method will be applied by circulation of diluted DESCALING LIQUID solution, taken from the bluff by a pump and pumped back into the boiler from the top lid, for 20-24 hours. Before circulation, boiler must be filled minimum till to the operation level of the boiler, the cleaning process with circulation method may continued by adding DESCALING LIQUID to the solution, depending on the degree of the scale contamination on the surfaces.

Soaking method can be applied to remove scale deposits on the small parts. In this method, the parts are immersed in a bath filled with DESCALING LIQUID solution. Also, the solution should be agitated for effective cleaning results.

After the cleaning procedure done by above methods, the system should be rinsed with fresh water. Then, it is filled with water and added 1% of ERAY, which is one of ERTEK PRODUCTS. This solution is circulated until pH value is between 9 and 10. The system is neutralized from any remaining acidity with this method. Otherwise, rust contamination will form again in a short time at the system.

DESCALING LIQUID must be kept in plastic drums. You may add acid to water but don’t forget you must not add water to acid.