Nitrite Test Method

1.Remove only as many test strips as are required. Close the container immediately after removing a strip. Do not touch the test field.

2.Dip the test strip into the test solution (pH 2-12) for 1 sec.

3.Shake off excess liquid.

4.Wait 60 sec.

5.Compare with the color scale. If nitrite ions are present,the test field turns orange to red.


Measuring range:0.1-3 g/L NO2-,100-3000 PPM NO2


Color Gradation:  0=0 PPM NO2

0.1=100 PPM NO2

0.3=300 PPM NO2

0.6=600 PPM NO2

1=1000 PPM NO2

2=2000 PPM NO2

3=3000 PPM NO2