Total Hardness Method

1) Rinse the test tube with the water to be tested. And fill to the 5 ml mark.

2) Add 2 drops MB Indicator (Eriochrome Black T), place the stopper and shake it.

3) If color is blue, there is no hardness in the water to be tested.

4) If color changes blue to pink, add Total Hardness Titration Solution drop by drop until color changes pink to blue again.

5) Total drops of hardness titration solution =Total French Hardness of water to be tested.

6) Each drop of titration solution is equal to one French hardness degree.

Note: 1 Fr0 =10 mg/l(ppm) CaCO3 =0,2 epm =0,2 mval/ l

1 epm = 50 mg/l(ppm) CaCO3 = 1 mval/l