ER-OSD” is developed to separate, disperse and clear accidental oil spills over the sea surface and other oil spilled places. It has low toxicity and high dispersing effect.


  • Low toxicity to marine life.
  • Fast and effective usage
  • Usage areas are oil spills at sea, on seashores, in harbors, on offshore structures, on deck, over ships side, etc.
  • Easy to clean for oil spills at sea when loading or discharging cargo or bunkers.
  • Disperses mineral oils, crude oils, residual fuel oils, diesel fuel oil, kerosene, white spirit and lubricant oils.
  • Rapidly converts hydrocarbon to fine emulsions.
  • Cost effective and economical.


Oil Spills At Sea: ER-OSD can be used concentrated or diluted with sea water. The quantity that will be sprayed on to the sea depends on oil spill quantity, type of spilled oil and the weather conditions. Before using ER-OSD it is recommended to place barriers around the spilled area and clean the floating oil as much as possible by using booms, oil absorbents, pump or skim.

Small Spills at Sea: Prepare %3-5 ER-OSD / sea water solution. This solution can be applied over the spilled oil at sea by hand spray, work boats with mounted spray booms or fire hoses with injectors. Then wait for 15-20 minutes, waiting will help for oil to absorb ER-OSD. Then mix it with a very effective mixture method. If the sea is calm, try to mix water by spraying high pressure water with a fire hose or other mixing apparatus.

Big Spills at Sea: Prepare %3-10 ER-OSD-sea water solution. Spray it over the oil spill at sea by spray boom or hoses with injectors. For larger areas spraying apparatus connected to sides of a motor launch or a helicopter can be used.

Spills on Deck and Beach: Pour ER-OSD over the oil spill. Mix it with an appropriate mixer. Add water and continue mixing until ER-OSD is absorbed by oil. Clean the surface with water by using a water jet.