ER-ELECTRIC NA is a non-aromatic solvent based cleaner used for cleaning and degreasing oil, grease and carbon deposits from the surfaces of the electric motors and equipments. It is safe to use on all kinds of metals and their alloys. It has lower evaporation rate than any other electro cleaner at the market.


  • Effectively removes oil, grease and carbonaceous deposits from the electrical equipments.
  • Evaporates completely and doesn’t leave any deposit behind.
  • Can be used safely on all metals, metal alloys, insulating varnishes.
  • Contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons or other harmful chemicals.
  • Has no known effect on human health.
  • Non-corrosive.
  • Harmless to electric insulation and isolation.
  • As approved by NATO, it can be used on plane engines.


ER-ELECTRIC NA should always be used undiluted. It shouldn’t be applied with water or any other solution. The quantity of ER-ELECTRIC NA to be used for cleaning changes depending on the degree of the contamination on the electrical equipment and parts, so it is determined by the user during the cleaning procedure. ER-ELECTRIC NA can be used safely in all open/closed areas because it has a very low solvent smell.

ER-ELECTRIC NA can be applied by several methods like brushing, hand spraying and immersing.

Hand spraying is the most recommended method which is applied by spraying ER-ELECTRIC NA on the highly contaminated electrical parts. After the cleaning, the remaining solvent on the cleaned parts can be easily dried up by using air blower.

Immersion is suitable method for cleaning small electrical parts. Parts are immersed in a bath filled with ER-ELECTRIC NA and waited for 10-60 minutes. Then the cleaned parts may be dried up with air.