It is created for vessels carrying cargoes such as cement, sulphur, salt, petcoke, coal and concentrates.

ER-COAT EASY is water based liquid product specially formulated to leave a thin, temporary film on cargo hold surfaces. The film provides a barrier between the cargo and the cargo hold surfaces making the cleaning operation after unloading quicker and easier, therefore optimal cleaning result is achieved. ER-COAT EASY is safe for the environment, to the personnel handling it and for the cargo. It is non-corrosive and safe on all coatings.


  • Can be used on all metal and metal alloys.
  • Gives no harm to paint
  • Non toxic, non Flammable, non Corrosive
  • No known effect on rubber and plastic compounds.
  • Protects tanks against corrosive cargoes
  • Forms a protective film layer, easily removed with the use of water.
  • Can be used over other coatings.
  • Can be used together with specific range of other products