DESCALEX LIQUID-3S is applied to remove scab and rust deposits which occur on aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel boiler tanks, cooling systems, injection machines, evaporator, sea water systems and air conditioners. It is weak and odorless acid thus it’s suitable for the cleaning of all kinds of metals.


  • It’s harmless for metals, odorless, does not threat human health.
  • As it’s a weak acid it can be used safely but the cleaning period may be longer.
  • It can be applied on every metal where scab and rust exist.


Before starting cleaning with DESCALEX LIQUID-3S, we recommend you to make pre-cleaning with ER-APC (another Ertek product) to remove mineral oil residues from the target area. If the cleaning will be performed by circulation method, the solution is prepared by adding 20-30 L DESCALEX LIQUID-3S to 80 L of water, if immersion bath will be used add 2-3 L DESCALEX LIQUID-3S to 8 L water for preparing the solution. The efficiency increases if very good mixing, circulation or air application is performed. Cleaning must be performed for 12-15 hours. We recommend you to control pH of the acid solution frequently with litmus paper during cleaning process. As the scab is removed acid pH will increase and when the solution reaches to pH 6-7, the acid will not be working. In this case, it may be necessary to add sufficient amount of DESCALEX LIQUID-3S. If the pH is around 2-3 acid will be still working. The cleaned parts with the above methods must be washed thoroughly or it must be neutralized with the 1% solution of our company’s product ERAY by allowing to stand for 1-2 hours or by circulating. During neutralization process, the media must be checked with litmus paper to see whether it’s neutral or not. Desired neutralization is provided around pH 6-7.