It contains acids and surfactants in its formula. ERCLEAN BRITE cleans the rust and brightens the metal surfaces.


  • Non flammable
  • Removes light rust and rust stains
  • Cleans and passivates ferrous metal surfaces, inhibits further corrosion.
  • Removes tarnish from non-ferrous metals
  • Removes rust stains from painted ceramic and wooden surfaces.
  • Brightens the metal.


Before applying ERCLEAN BRITE clean the surface from dirt, rust flakes, oil and grease. ERCLEAN BRITE should always be used in a plastic bucket. Acid should always be added to water, never the reverse. To clean surfaces after welding or rusted surfaces use 50% ERCLEAN BRITE water solution. To remove stain or rust from brass and copper surfaces, use 20% – 50% ERCLEAN BRITE water solution and rinse it with water after 15 –40 minutes. On aluminum surfaces use 10% – 30% ERCLEAN BRITE water solution and wait for 5 minutes then rinse it with water. To remove rust from painted surfaces use 20% – 30% solution and rinse with water after 15 – 40 minutes. To remove rust remains from ceramic, porcelain and glass surfaces; use 20% – 50% ERCLEAN BRITE water solution for 20 – 40 minutes and rinse it with water. To remove light cement and lime use 50% solution and after 30 – 40 minutes rinse with water. To remove hardened cement, use descaling liquid. To remove the rust in the pipelines and tanks use: 5% – 10% ERCLEAN BRITE water solution and circulate. On the other hand if you use injection method, use 5% ERCLEAN BRITE water solution. Both circulation and injection must continue until rust is removed.