ER-PICKLING LIQUID”  is a combination of strong acids like nitrite acid, hydrofluoric acid and surface active agents which must be only used on stainless steel. It can’t be used on all metals except stainless steel due to its corrosive effect on other metal surfaces.


  • Can be used to remove effectively surface contaminants and welding deposits which can damage stainless steel surfaces.
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • Easy to apply and use.
  • Can be applied without heating.


Before starting pickling procedure, check the surface. If there is any oil deposit or contamination, appropriate cleaning should be made before using pickling liquid. If the contamination is caused by hydraulic oil, use ER-APC, if the contamination is caused by animal or vegetable oil use ER-AC for removing.

ER-PICKLING LIQUID can be used with Circulation and Immersion methods.

Circulation method is used to pickle pipelines. The pipelines is filled with undiluted ER-PICKLING LIQUID and circulated for 2-5 hours. During circulation the pipelines should checked every hour to see if the pickling is over or not. When the pickling is done, the pipelines is drained and rinsed with fresh water. Then, pH on the inner surfaces of pipelines should be checked and if necessary make passivation with ER-PASSIVATING LIQUID.

Immersion method is preferred to remove any scale or welding deposits on small parts. A plastic tank is filled with undiluted ER-PICKLING LIQUID. Then the parts are immersed inside the tank and waited for 2-5 hours. The parts should be checked every hour to see if the pickling is made or not. When pickling is over, the parts are rinsed with fresh water and then made passivation if needed.