ERCLEAN LIME is strong acid based cleaner to remove lime stone and slaked lime from cargo holds. It is formulated with strong surface actives, special corrosion inhibitors and acids. It is adequate enough to neutralize strong alkaline conditions.  DO NOT USE ERCLEAN LIME over aluminum, galvanized, zinc and lead surfaces.


  • React quickly and effectively
  • Safe to use on all metals except Aluminum, Galvanize, Zinc and Lead.
  • Can be diluted, non flammable.
  • No known effects over Rubber and plastics
  • Can be used together with other chemicals
  • It also cleans salt and rust deposits. No need for extra cleaners to make those cleanings.


The dosage rates and the quantity of the product to use is vary with many conditions ( the extant of the contamination, the size of the tanks, surface area to be covered, available downtime and the application method). That is why the operator will be the best one to determine the required quantity.


Injection Method: A high pressure machine is required for this method. Prepare 50%  ERCLEAN LIME water dilution and inject to tank surface area. Left the solution on tank surfaces for 15- 20 minutes and rinse the surface with water again by high pressure machine and leave surfaces to dry.


Soaking Method: With this method use ERCLEAN LIME undiluted. Apply the product to surfaces with brush, or hard sponge. After application wait for 30-40 minutes and wash the surfaces with water. This method generally preferred for heavily contaminated tanks or surfaces.