ERYAK 300 (FUEL BREAK) is a mixture of specific solvents combined with emulsion break compounds, which can be efficiently used for separating the quantities of water in marine fuels by breaking the water in oil emulsions. ERYAK 300 dissolves the deposits in the fuel depot. Dispersants and emulsifiers in ERYAK 300 break the paraffin and water molecules in the fuel and help a better combustion. It thins the fuel and provides a better fluidity.


  • Thins the fuel and increase fluidity, enables easy pumping to engine and also between tanks.
  • Breaks water in oil and separates most of the water in settling tank and in the centrifuge.
  • Improves the efficiency of separator.
  • Improves combustion by maintaining homogeneity and stabilization.
  • Minimizes sludge formation and deposits in fuel tanks.
  • Facilitates the removal of metallic elements.
  • Improves fuel’s flow by reducing viscosity without affecting other physical characteristics.


ERYAK 300 (EMULSION BREAKER) should be applied inside the fuel storage tank or by a dosing pump at the initial stage of fuel loading, to ensure good dispersion of the active ingredients. The separation of water will be succeeded both inside the settling tank and in the fuel centrifuges at a temperature 60-70°C. The separation will be slower in the settling tank, where water will be accumulated at the bottom of the tank and must be collected when the fuel centrifuges.

The dosage should be according the following table, taking into consideration the volume percentage

(%) of water as recorded in the fuel analysis.

Liters of product/liters of HFO                         1/5000             1/2500            1/1250             1/500

Volume percentage (%) of water                     0.5-1.0%         1.0-2.0%         2.0-3.0%         3.0-5.0%


Store at moderate temperatures. Packaging: 25-30 L. sealed cans. Storage Period: 3 years.