The aim to use SOOT REMOVER LIQUID is to clean the soot layers at boilers (fire side) and exhaust systems. In normal conditions the ignition point of soot and ashes are around 600 Co. Since the heat in boilers and exhaust system is not so high soot and ash particles grow significantly. The soot layers formed over the heat exchangers prevents effective heat transfer and causes energy loses. This energy loss can be directly related to extra fuel consumption. SOOT REMOVER LIQUID which is water based and contains magnesium, drops the ignition point of soot and ash to 250 Co. The soot and ash deposit thus ignited, leaving an easily removed ash. The difference between SOOT REMOVER POWDER and SOOT REMOVER LIQUID is SOOT REMOVER LIQUID not only provides greater fuel efficiency, but also prevents acid formations in areas where severe corrosion could result in expensive damage like heat exchangers, super heaters, economizers, exhaust paths.


  • Non-hazardous liquid which reduces slugging
  • Effect in controlling Acid corrosion and High temperature corrosion
  • Cleans soot and ash deposits.
  • Prevents from soot fires
  • By cleaning soot from steel surfaces, it prevents metal from corrosion and wear off
  • By cleaning the soot over heat exchangers, heat transfer is made more effectively and fuel oil consumption minimizes.   
  • It reduces the ignition point of soot and carbon deposits, so soot and carbon deposits easily burn and leaves ash, which can be removed easily.
  • Minimizes the maintenance cost.


Boilers: Depending too many factors like design and operation characteristics of the boiler, the contamination degree, dosage of SOOT REMOVER LIQUID may change but generally we suggest to use 1 L to 5-6 m3 fuel-oil used / day. SOOT REMOVER LIQUID must be spread through the flame path towards the back of the combustion chamber so apply SOOT REMOVER LIQUID from a suitable port point, preferably with an injector.

Diesel Engines: Advised dosing is 1-2 L for 10 m3 fuel. Inject soot Remover directly in to the exhaust system, upstream of the area to be treated. In other words inject SOOT REMOVER LIQUID in front of the area you want to clean. The gas flow in the exhaust system will take SOOT REMOVER LIQUID to the contaminated area.


Store at moderate temperatures. Packaging:25-30-200 L. sealed plastic pails or drums. Storage Period:3 years