ERYAK 280 is developed to protect your fuel from bacteria and microorganisms which are trying to degrade and contaminate your fuel and fuel system. With recent improvements in the technology, manhood started to use even the smallest bacteria to their benefits. As you may already know some fuel degrading bacteria’s are being used for cleaning fuel leakages for a few years. Currently the technology is new and hard to apply but it is working. Those fuel degrading bacteria and microorganisms are everywhere. When they find appropriate environment they reproduce rapidly and does their job. They degrade the fuel and outcome is un-stabilized fuel and clogs at your filters, nozzles, and injectors.  To save your fuel and fuel system from those fuel degraders, ERYAK 280 is a perfect solution. Thanks to its antibacterial properties ERYAK 280 cleans all the bacteria and microorganism colonies in your fuel system, more over it improves combustion by stabilizing the fuel.


  • Provides homogeneity and stabilization to the fuel which improves combustion.
  • Destroys microorganisms, which contaminate fuel storages.
  • Can be added directly to fuel tanks.
  • Keeps nozzles, filters and injectors free from clogging
  • No harm to metal, plastic and rubber.


Dosing depends on a few factors.

Preventing the system : For preventing the system from biological threats add   0,2-0,4 L ERYAK 280 to 1 ton fuel.

Contaminated Fuel Distillation: 2 L ERYAK 280 to 1 ton fuel will be convenient in contaminated systems.

Filter Blockages : Shocking dosage of 10 L ERYAK 280 is recommended per ton of fuel.

It is advised to make the dosing with a dosing pump located to the suction side of fuel line. Dosing can also be made directly to the tanks. After filling 1/3 of the tank with fuel add needed dosage to the fuel and continue to fill fuel. When the tank is filled, the product is mixed into the system.


Store at moderate temperatures. Packing: 25-30 L. sealed cans. Storage Period: 3 years.