ERYAK 500 is highly concentrated innovative product for fuel and diesel oils. It is 100 % organic and contains advanced compounds, specifically designed to increase fuel energy efficiency. It has superior sludge dispersing and dissolving property. It has unique properties to eliminate heavy metal deposits such as vanadium, lead and sulfur contaminants in fuel. It starts to perform when it mixes with fuel or diesel oil till the combustion finishes. ERYAK 500 homogenizes the fuel, keeps clean all the lines, protects the system from corrosion and it cleans the dirt and rust from the system on ideal usage. It prevents fuel tanks from sludge formations. It does not create ash and minimizes the emissions and deposits and prevents from high and low temperature corrosion. Non-hazardous and environmental friendly. 


  • Higly concentrated and very low dosage makes ERYAK-500 very economic product
  • Impressive sludge dispersing and dissolving properties.
  • Avoids wear outs over metal surfaces.
  • Reduces injector deposits, carbonaceous combustion deposits and low and high temperature acid corrosions and leave shining clean surfaces.
  • Reduces heavy metal deposits such as vanadium lead and sulfur. ü Increases the fuel performance and efficiency.
  • Protects engine parts against corrosion
  • ü Can be used together with other fuel additives.


The dosage for ERYAK 500 is: 1 L for 20 tons of IFO 180 and IFO 380; for Marine Diesel Oils, dose 1 L for 25 tons. It is advised to dose ERYAK 500 by a dosage pump connected to the fuel pipe line and do the dosage during fuel refilling. You may also add ERYAK 500 directly in to fuel or gas oil, if dosing pump doesn’t exist.


Store at moderate temperatures. Packaging: 25-30 L. sealed cans. Storage Period: 3 years.