EK-5 WH is a catalyzed sulfide based oxygen scavenger. It is an additive for boiler water and condensate line which consists of organic compounds that prevents corrosion, scab, furring, sludge in the form of precipitation and foaming in the steam boiler, steam lines, boiling water boiler and condensate line. There is no need to use any other additives (treatment chemicals). EK-5 WH alone is sufficient for boiler applications.


  • In regular use, it provides significant energy saving by preventing furring, corrosion which may occur within the generator. It ensures maximum physical life for boiler pipes.
  • In regular use, it prevents corrosion, perforation in condensate lines (steam lines) so prolongs the life of both lines and condensate stops and therefore provides energy savings.
  • In regular use, it provides most efficient output by keeping the steam quality at maximum.
  • In regular use, it prevents abrupt stops, explosion, perforation, blocking and provides both time and Money savings without requirement of extra cleaning process in periodical maintenance.
  • In regular use, it decreases energy cost and increases steam quality by shortening the regime period of the boiler (the period of steam production starting from the working time).


If there is no treatment chemical in boiler water or if it is the first time you start on treatment program. First dosage will be 30 g for 1 ton water. Following dosage will be calibrated to 100 g/ton. The most ideal dosing place is make up water inlet line, water station of the degasser or condensate (hot well) tank. Our recommend for dosing process is to be done by a dosage pump for the continuity of the process.